Breast cancer has immensely been discussed in the past and will be discussed in the future as well but merely the discussion can’t be sufficed enough. More practical and constructive approach is needed. Breast cancer care is all about establishing an understanding among the masses. Breast cancer is the disease that can develop more commonly in women but men are also the victim of this disease.

Men vs Women:

There are several factors that can actually be the reasons behind breast cancer. These factors are of great importance and can’t be neglected. When it comes to factors like age, the researches shows that the ratio or percentage of death from breast cancer is less in men as compared to women. This can be said to be rare disease in men though. Previous researches showed a total opposite scenario and according to those researches the death rate was more in men than women. The recent technology has provided a chance to explore what all was otherwise impossible. Dr. Mikael Hartman, the author of several books says, “Men can develop it and should be aware that they should seek care if a breast lump develops”.

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Researchers also have specified the age limits and the risk factors that can be fatal and also the approximate results in terms of causalities, indulgence and complications. The risk factors can be controlled with the help of life style changes and the percentage of change is about 5 to 10 percent particularly in men. BRCA2 the gene is highly significant while discussing the risk factors. The mutation in this gene can further increase the chances to get the breast cancer in men. The same mutation can be dangerous for women and can push them to a disease like Brest cancer. Scientists are still trying to find out the reasons behind this reality that why breast cancer is not a common disease for men. Few facts are for everyone’s concern, like obviously women have more breast tissue as compared to men but still the volume can’t be taken as the main factor to further clarify the situation, as women with small breasts may develop breast cancer more than those having huge breasts.

Estrogen is also the focal point in development of breast cancer whereas it is completely absent in men, this is why breast cancer ration is always high in women than men. Previous studies showed that a woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 62 when compared with a man who was diagnosed with the same disease at the age of 70, here man is more likely to survive in the next five years than the woman. The study got another turn and eventually dispelled the previous study by digging a new one that suggests that the survival chances are more in men than women. This change is incredible and more research is required to find out the true facts to father creates the rescues. Breast cancer care is actually included all the aspects whether its research or the general information that is actually useful for the individuals.

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