Cervical Pain treatment

Cervical or the neck region extends from your occiput of your skull to your mid back region. With increased sedentary lifestyle and poor postures being adopted by individuals, cervical pain is becoming a common ailment. The statistics indicate 3 out of 5 people suffer from cervical pain.

Common causes of cervical pain includes the following:

Sedentary lifestyle Slouched sitting habit Long hours of computer usage Mobile and tablet usages Poor sleeping posture Heavy backpacks or laptop bags

Cervical pain is also giving rise to the new phenomena of “text neck”. With the advent in technology and increased dependence on devices, the usage of mobile and laptops give rise to cervical pain. In the phenomena, with increased bending of neck the weight of head supported on neck manifolds thus causing the cervical muscles to overwork. As long as support structure is efficient, the cervical region supports your lifestyle, but with weak muscular structure and increased usage of mobiles, this causes and creates imbalances thus resulting in pain.

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Cervical pain treatment is quite simple. Following the suitable habits and lifestyle modification can bring about a lasting change in the cervical pain thus improving the quality of life of individuals troubled due to cervical pain so go for following Cervical Pain Treatment.

Lets throw light on the things to bring about a difference in the neck pain that will improve the efficiency of your neck:

Following correct posture is an important key factor to delay the cervical pain symptoms. Inculcate the habit of keeping your laptop and or mobile screens at your eye level and your arms and back supported on a chair while preparing those long documents for your meeting. Or avoid reading your favorite novel while you are lying in your bed. Always sit on a chair supporting your entire spine that will automatically improve your neck posture. Rigorous exercises: Start spending some hours on your cervical muscles that play a key role in supporting your head on your spine. These muscles are small hence can easily get overworked, so activate the dormant muscles of mid back and neck region and relax the overworked muscles thus restoring the imbalance caused in the neck. The breathing pattern also gets altered in patients suffering from neck complaints. So focus should also be on the cervical muscles that are compensating for the altered breathing pattern. Sleeping posture needs to be corrected. Always use a firm pillow that can support your neck while you are tossing in your bed. A soft or hard pillow does not provide the necessary support thus increasing the risk of imbalances being created in the body. Frequency of breaks between sustained postures is also very essential as it does not increase the load on your supporting structures thus reducing the chances of pain in the cervical region.

Cervical region is the connecting link between your head and your lower back. Always keep your neck strong and efficient to lead a pain free and healthy life!!

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