A study published by the Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute in Kolkata has found due to increased vehicular traffic in the City of Joy lung cancer is highly prevalent. And, the air pollution is wreaking havoc with the health of children, with 65 percent in Kolkata battling a wide range of respiratory problems, including chronic asthma. Malnutrition is also a major problem among children in Kolkata, especially in low-income families. Severe malnutrition often leads to tuberculosis among these kids. It also makes them more prone to other serious health afflictions, such as pneumonia, diarrhea, measles, iron deficiency anemia and chronic cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

From the available studies and surveys, it appears children growing up in Kolkata have to deal with many health problems brought on by environmental and nutritional deficiencies. It is vital that the cause of fever in children is accurately diagnosed, so that proper treatment can be given and the child regains his health as quickly as possible. Rather than opting for your family doctor, you should be looking to turn to a pediatrician, who is well-versed not just in treating kids, but also in determining the cause of the fever.

So, how do you go about finding the best child specialist in Kolkata? After all, nothing but the best will do when it comes to your children. Here are some invaluable tips to find the ideal pediatrician.

Have the Right Knowledge and Experience –

The pediatrician you choose should have sound knowledge about diagnosing and treating children of all ages, right from infants to teenagers. Such a specialist should have the appropriate medical training and be licensed. So, don’t be afraid to check the credentials of the child specialist.

Be Understanding and Empathetic –

There is no doubt when kids fall ill and develop fever, it can make parents very anxious and over-wrought with emotions. When you know the diseases kids in Kolkata are prone to, you want to make sure a specialist, who is an expert in his field, treats your child. A good child specialist in Kolkata should have the ability to calm the parents down, so that their negative emotions and fears are not picked up by the child. As it is the child will be scared about running a fever and with over-anxious parents, this fear will compound. So getting the parents to calm down will help the child become calm, as well and this will make it easy for the specialist to find out more about the symptoms and diagnose the health issue.

Should Listen to What You Have to Say –

Many times doctors hear what you have to say, but don’t listen. There is a big difference between the two. An actively listening, children’s doctor will be able to understand what you are trying to convey about your child’s symptoms rather than forming his own diagnosis and prognosis. When we say listen, it means the doctor should take down notes while you’re speaking and then pose further questions, if required, to gain more understanding about your child’s health issues.

Be Able to Communicate in Layman’s Terms –

Fever in children can be caused due to many things, such as ordinary cold and cough or something as complicated as malaria or pneumonia. Speaking to you in medical jargon or complicated language is not expected from a pediatrician. He (or she) should be able to explain your child’s condition in simple words that you can comprehend and understand even if you’re panicking and agitated. This will allow you to figure out what ails your child and also realize that you have a specialist who knows what he (or she) is doing. It can be very reassuring when you are frightened and worried.

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Offer You Different Treatment Options –

Today, medical science has advanced tremendously. One disease or health condition has number of treatment options. A reputable child specialist in Kolkata should be able to lay down all the possible medical solutions on the table, explain their pros and cons and help you make an informed decision about treating your child.

Follow Up Even After the Treatment Course Finishes –

The best pediatricians are those that, make sure parents bring over their child for a follow up checkup even after the child has recovered completely from the ailment or sickness. This definitely is a hallmark of a good and trustworthy child specialist.

Uses Patient Visits to Educate Children and Their Parents –

As parents, we are influenced by myths, hype and grandmother’s tale. This often affects our ability to seek timely medical intervention and we apply the same rules to our kids, as well. A good, trustworthy and reliable pediatrician will always make an effort to educate parents and in the bargain kids with being judgmental or opinionated. He (or she) will actively work to dispel myths and misconceptions, so that parents can ensure optimal health and wellbeing for their children.

Personalized Medical Care –

Every child is different and unique and this means fever in children will have different causes. Hence, each type of fever has to be treated differently. By proper assessment of the child’s health, getting in-depth medical history of the child and his family and then charting out the right course of treatment, a pediatrician can offer customized medical and health care to their young patients. And, if a pediatrician can offer this, you are very lucky indeed! When offering personalized medical care to your offspring, the specialist will also maintain high quality standards and ensure you leave the practice premises satisfied, without a trace of doubt or anxiety.

Now that you know how to find the best child specialist in Kolkata, don’t compromise and settle anything less. Finding top notch health care is your right, but this is one right you can exercise only if you make an effort.

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